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Telescope Education, LLC is committed to building teachers' self confidence, stamina, skills, and knowledge to not only pass their educational licensure exams but to prepare them for a long and successful career in the classroom.  

 Resources are designed around developing and sustaining the essential components needed in becoming a teacher in today's world: perseverance, passion, organization, and content expertise.



Training and Resources

Student Writing

MTEL Study Guides and


Communication and Literacy:

Reading and Writing,

Foundations of Reading,


Early Childhood,

General Curriculum

District & Institutional Program Support

Helping schools & districts design and sustain 
MTEL pathway programs

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Teacher Licensure Counseling

Guiding you towards meeting your professional goals




"For the past 2 years I have been working on passing MTELS in order to become a licensed teacher. It has been one of the most difficult challenges that I have been facing in my career so far. Luckily, I have the opportunity to teach on a waiver but the pressure of having to pass the MTELS became my reality. Passing the MTELS determines if I will be able to continue to teach. I joined Telescope Education and their expertise has helped build my confidence and even pass a few of my MTELS! They are very knowledgeable of all the content areas needed to comprehend the information and structure of MTELS. They are very dedicated to helping individuals pass their MTELS and will go above and beyond to offer their support. I owe a lot of my success to them because they have a unique approach to breaking down information in a way that feels easier to understand. The most important part of it all is the ways they have been extremely supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. I am very grateful to be apart of Telescope Education."

Jessica Rowe

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"As a middle school science teacher, I am very confident in my science content knowledge. As a teacher in Boston Public Schools though, I've also had to become knowledgable about the theories and practice needed to work with special education  and English Language Learner (ELL) students. Thanks to Telescope Education, I was able to use their study materials to pass my ESL MTEL! They've even continued to help me plan and work with students everyday in the classroom. Truly a great resource for teachers!"

Lisa Rios


"Telescope Education helped me pass my MTELs needed to become an Early Childhood SEI teacher. They made me feel supported. I couldn't have done this alone!"

Rosalin Dominguez


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